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Never has there been such a need for regular wellbeing check-ins. Recent global events have put various strains on individuals and organisations; how they function as a unit and within individual areas.

Sudden changes in work routines, lack of designated office space and adjustments in communicative mediums have caused disruptions within people's everyday life.

VU Wellbeing offers individuals the chance to recharge and re-energise in luxurious retreats. Our expertise in hospitality will ensure your stay is tailored to your personal needs as well as providing you with much-needed relaxation.

We offer a range of bespoke escapes to various UK based and global retreats all to elevate your mood and bring individuals and organisations back together in a safe and optimistic space.

Teamwork, community spirit and camaraderie are essential elements and can be seen as the backbone of any organisation that wishes to function efficiently.

Allow VU Wellbeing to take care of all arrangements so you can refocus on what matters most, you.

We also offer the wellbeing app, T-Cup, for individuals, teams and organisations that help you lead a more stress-free life. By using the results of a customisable questionnaire, visual data allows individuals and businesses to identify wellbeing trends and target support if needed. From here, T-Cup will provide you with the resources and support to integrate and utilise initiatives to ensure a happier and healthier team.