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Rugby World Cup 2019 Diary Days 15-16

Day 15 was another day of reminding myself I am not on holiday. Whilst all the new arrivals from the Uk, Singapore and Dubai were out checking the sites of Tokyo, the day was spent at my desk fine tuning plans for the next few weeks, catching on emails and responding to queries. The glamorous life of being away managing a tour! Albeit with a great view over Tokyo Bay. Today doesn’t beat being back at home in the office. 
Day 16 
I love big game days and today was no different. England had announced an exciting starting 15, full of power in the pack and speed out wide. Win today and England  qualify for the Quarter-Finals, lose today and Argentina will not go through the pool stages. All to play for! 

It was brilliant atmosphere on the roads leading up to the stadium; the Argentines do know how to party! I wasn’t best pleased when arriving at the first in stadium bar an hour and 10 minutes before kick off to find the Strongbow cider with “SOLD OUT” across it! Damn! legged it to the next bar where luckily there was some left. Two pints later they were also sold out. Every stadium I have been to so far has run out of cider by half time. A couple of compromise cans of Heineken later I moved on to Whisky soda which is another dull option at the stadium. The stadium atmoshere was buzzing with English and Argentine fans in huge numbers. As predicted England were victorious against a spirited Argentinian side who played with 14 men for the best part of 60 minutes, following the red card handed to the second row for a high tackle on Owen Farell.  What a remarkable change from 2015, England are the first team to qualify for the Quarter-Finals! I wanted a more fluent and flowing peformance from England but hey, 6 tries, bonus point victory and through to the Quarters is a huge achievement. There is still plenty left in the tank for this England team and they will need come the knock out stage. And the celebrations continued at Bauhaus Roppongi well into the night!

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