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RWC 2019 Day 3
Yokohama stadium was awash with green shirts of Ireland with a splintering of the blue of Scotland. The heavy dominance of Irish fans over the Scots was reflected in the game, even the Japanese supporters behind me were singing the Irish anthem, albeit reading the words from their mobiles!
An assured performance by Ireland – they are back to their form of last year!
And yes with the UK fans in full flow at Yokohama there was a reversal of the queues – minimal interest in merchandising and a lot more at the bars which were kept very busy! The atmosphere in the stadium was pumping.. a change from the NZ v SA game which was dominated by local neutral fans.
caught a little of the England game but a bonus point win is a fantastic result though reports were not very positive on England performance.
Stop dreaming about coming out to Japan and make it a’s too short! Email and come party with me!