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Rugby World Cup Diary Day 23

Woke up at 1235..a lie in for the first time on tour! The hotel is full of rugby fans here for the cancelled game against France with quite a few having flown in just for the weekend, praying the Japan v Scotland game goes ahead. It was eerie looking out of my window across Tokyo Bay and the streets had emptied out and no vehicles on the roads. I was messaging my son chatting about the oncoming typhoon when he said I’d best stock up with food, nuts, chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s fish food. I responded I’ll be okay as i am staying in a hotel. “What floor?” he asked. I responded 16th floor..”that’s a long walk downstiars!” he said. Damn! That thought hadn’t occurred to me. It was 6pm and I quickly ordered room service!
I was chatting to my assitant and translator Miko, on the telephone, when she mentioned did you just feel the earthquake! I said no but a second later felt the building sway and a few seconds later swayed again..the typhoon hadn’t yet reached felt that we were in for a proper ride in the next few hours. I took the lift downstairs and whilst in it felt a little trepidation of being stuck in the lift..I certainly wouldn’t be priority for the emergency services un der the conditions. I was relieved when it arrived on the ground floor! The typhoon came and went in a matter of 2-3 hours and all was calm again. looking out of my window the bay was rough but it wasn’t as devasting as I thought it might have been..must have lost some speed by the time it reached us.

View from my room this morning is a clear blue sky and calmness. There doesn’t appear to be any significant damage on the bay that I can see – what a contrast from the previous evening. Hopefully, RWC will announce shortly that the threatened Japan v Scotland will go ahead.