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A cracking day of rugby and some moments of hope. Who would have thought Fiji would have given the Wallabies a run around for as long as they did before the Oz power pack regained control of the match and put it beyond doubt. Had to dash midway through the second half of that match to Yokohama for NZ v SA – the game of the weekend. The All Blacks defence in the first quarter had to be watertight to prevent the huge SA onslaught that followed from the very start. South Africa failed to turn their immense pressure and a dominance into points New Zealand on the other hand converted their opportunities into points and by half time seemed that they would run away with a significant scoreline. South Africa fought back bravely but again failed to convert opportunities into points. NZ are on a pathway to the Final! I am looking forward to tomorrow’s game between Ireland v Scotland at Yokohama – another cracker in waiting. Btw who fancies going? Oh and France just squeezed past Argentina but didn’t get to see any that game as already left for NZ v SA game..

Yokohama Stadium lessons from today..
– buy your merchandise online.. massive snaking queues at the stadium! Or post match as minimal queues.
Eat before you get there..again massive snaking queues!
Get into the stadium early .. minimal queues for beers! Beers sold to you at your seat..heaven!
If you are travelling by train post match don if you are still thinking of heading out to Japan and need any help with hotel and ground arrangements am happy to assist for some coin! Email me at or visit
Btw change your sterling to Yen before you leave as I was quoted a rate of 114 yen to the pound at a Travelex office! I declined! ’t bother rushing off.. see video..