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We celebrated well into this morning following England’s bonus win victory over the USA last night. A well deserved final try of the match by USA which every ounce of effort by the 14 Eagles on the pitch against an England side desperate to keep a clean scoreboard closed the game off. Personally I was looking forward to some excitement and spark by the England back line but hadn’t factored in the doggedness of the USA team who made England work very hard for this victory. The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing, Kobe stadium impressive and operational delivery by the Japanese was faultless. Again there was hardly any traffic around the stadium area and we were in and out so quickly and back to Osaka in no time.
We hit Dontonbori hard! It was comical watching an overserved Ted, using google voice translation, chatting to another overserved Japanese local! We revisited Freedom Bar and overindulged in local whisky ending up in G3 where a superb DJ was in full flow, our bodies gyrated in sync well into the early morning.
Up next Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan and then France v USA in Fukuoka.
England are building up nicely in the right direction and will need to step it up another few gears against an Argentinian side fighting for a seat in the last 8. The pack is pretty much settled, however, I am not convinced the back line is. What’s your starting England back line?
I love my job!