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During my recce in Japan, I took some time out to visit Okinawa Island. The island is the centre of the former Ryukyu Kingdom and is the largest and most populous island in the Okinawa Prefecture. Here I found a beautiful, tropical paradise of beaches and jungles, all within easy reach of mainland Japan.  There are plenty of luxury beach resorts to choose from and the seas are home to stunning coral reefs, rich in marine wildlife which meant that I was able to enjoy some fantastic snorkelling and scuba diving.

Tourist attractions include Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium which was at one time the world's largest aquarium, Century Beach, Pineapple Park, the Orion Beer Factory and Hiji Falls. In recent years, the island has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists and it is easy to see why.

Whether you’re looking for an expedition into the jungle, a place to laze on the beach during your time in Japan, or just a simple appreciation of this stunning island, then Okinawa is definitely worth a trip. Included in my Japan package options is a 5 night stay at the idyllic 5 star Busena Terrace Beach Resort and spa. A contemporary island oasis offering complete restoration and relaxation.  The perfect place to unwind amidst the raucous excitement of the tournament!
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