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How do you like to spend your time after training? 
Relaxing watching tv, dj-ing, eating, sleeping, fake tanning and combing my hair 
If you were stranded on a desert island – who would be the worst player (past or present) to be stranded with?
I think most people would say Austin Healy because he can be a bit annoying or even Haskell because of his below par banter but I think they would both keep me thoroughly entertained so I would have to say my doppleganger Ugo Monye because no Island is big enough for two good looking brothers

Favourite memory of Charlie Hodgson
Has to be him riding around Brands Hatch crossing the line to win the Nations Cup for us….. oh rugby memory sorry, …. then it’s watching him score 44 points v Romania on his England  debut in 2001 
When you were young did you have a favourite role model?
Phill Bennet and Gareth Edwards were the first rugby players I looked up to as a schoolboy. The Welsh where very good in the 70’s boyo
What is your earliest rugby memory?
Apart from picking up a rugby ball at 11 years old for the first time, I would have to say watching rugby special in a dim tv room in the basement of Berners house at Woolverstone Hall boarding school and thinking: “someday, I’ll be on that….”
What is your favourite meal?
Anything oriental fusion with lots of spice, like salt & pepper ribs ..yum I’m salivating.
What type of books do you like to read?
I read anything I can learn from, self-help stuff to understand the mind, autobiographies, biographies. Just read an interesting book about Mohammed Ali. Currently reading The inner game of Tennis by Timothy Galloway. A must read for any future rugby player. Deals with the learning process and how we enter that zone place where rugby players who are remembered have entered. Love audio books in the car. They help to calm focus and quieten the mind.

Dream holiday destination?
That’s easy –  Ibiza all day baby.  The most hedonistic place I’ve ever visited. Thank you Sean Edwards for taking me there in 1995 with M People. Can’t beat dj-ing at a party in Essvive then watching a Load of Wasps players bowl in. Awesome.
If you could trade places with another person for a week, famous or not famous – who would it be?
Floyd Mayweather I’d beat people up all week, live the life then I would bacs transfer 1 billion dollars into Martin Offiah’s Barclays account just before my week ended. That way he couldn’t get it back when he was conscious again. Had a boxing match once I floored Bath England and Lions fullback Matt Perry. Mark Regan was not happy let me tell ya LOL 
What is your worst rugby injury?
Shoulder dislocation. I cried like a baby very painful. Tackling was not for me or rucking mauling anything other than scoring tries you can keep.
What is your most memorable match that you have played in?
Scoring 10 tries in a game for Wigan and a Hatrick for the Baa Baa’s on the 1987 Easter tour in Wales has to be up there and length of the field try at Wembley. Did I mention I have a statue outside Wembley for that one? lol 
What would be your chosen superpower?
To be able to get people to do whatever I want them to do.
When you think about it mind control is the only super power worth having really.  No need to fly or punch people or have X-ray vision, that’s just not necessary. Leave me alone, hit him, come here, lay down, give me all your cash, go to the shop, give me the ball, I’m going left you go right, don’t tackle me let me score. etc etc etc Lol simples