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Alix Popham was a bruising No. 8 who played for Scarlets and Brive and represented Wales in the 2003 and 2007 World Cup. 

How do you like to spend time after training and rugby matches?

Relaxing, watching tele and eating lots of sweeties.

If you were stranded on a desert island who would be the worst team mate past or present to be with and why?

Barry Davies as he never stops moaning.

Best city you have toured and played rugby in?

Argentina Buenos Aires

Most memorable match you have played in?

Playing against England in 2009 when we won against them for the first time in 22 years and won the Grand Slam.

When you were young did you have a role model if so who was it?

Zinzan Brooke

Earliest Rugby memory?

Would be my first try, I fell over my laces and then realised I have actually scored. 

What’s is your favorite meal?

Seafood, I can’t enough.