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According to We are Cycling UK, 3% of the UK population…that’s 1.7 million people, cycle every day. I don’t fall into this percentage.
42% of the population own or have access to bike. Now I do fall into this percentage.  Cycling is known to meet the recommended physical activity guidelines, improves mental health and well-being, and reduces risk of premature death and ill health. (
With this in mind and some pretty glorious weather here in the UK….it really could be time to dust down the bike, pump up the tyres and slip into some bib shorts. I like to think that anyone can cycle – any age, any cycling experience and any shape.  Cycling is one of those fantastic activities that you can dip in and out of, get quite a lot of enjoyment from and then pop the bike back into the garage for a long rest!
I’ve signed myself up to a couple of cycling endeavours over the coming year.  Firstly the Cyclothon UK at Brands Hatch ( ). This is the VU LTD annual event where teams cycling around the circuit in a relay for an 8 or 12 hour challenge.  I like this event as it is open to all – to every cyclist of every ability.  You can be a serious rider and in it to win, or want to participate to raise money for a chosen charity, or be part of a work team-building day out.  Everyone is welcome.  It’s always a great day with a lot of old rugby boys cycling too. Book your team here
Next January I have also signed up to the Truants 2020 Vietnam bike ride, riding 220km through Vietnam from Phu to Halong.  This will be my 10th bike ride for the Truants – a brilliant group of people from all industries who come together to raise funds for NSPCC ChildLine, Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy and Teenage Cancer Care. Please sponsor me by visiting 
So, I am going to get out there people.  I may not ever make it into the 3% of people cycling every day, but will inch towards the 4% of the population who cycle once a week….well that’s the aim anyway!