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What a time to be a sports fan!  Could this summer get any better??  The Tour de France has just started, Wimbledon is on and goodness me whether you are in to football, you cannot help but get swept away by football’s coming home!
There are hours of glorious sports to watch on TV, to watch on large screens in the middle of town centres, pubs, friends living rooms and best of all live.  There is something quite euphoric about the shared passion, respect and pure enjoyment that comes from watching sport together.  We are nervous together, happy together, anxious together, excited together, disappointed together and best of all delighted together.  And it is all brilliant.
I have been thinking about the different ways we all enjoy sport recently.  Many of us have been to our children’s sports days to watch them participate and do their bests.  It’s fantastic if it’s your kid that wins, but it isn’t just that.  We want them to start to love sport in whatever form that takes.  Of course, to take part and win but also to just to have a go and be part of something.
One of the reason my team and I founded the Cyclothon bike relay challenge in Brands Hatch was because I wanted to create an event that was a serious sporting challenge but at the same time, inclusive and open to all.  We welcome teams made up of determined, excellent cyclists who compete to win, but we also welcome teams who maybe want to raise money for their chosen charities or are doing a work day out with their staff and want everyone to feel that they can take part and have fun. And we welcome people who, like me, want to watch from the side lines and cheer them on!
This summer’s fabulous sporting line up is preventing me from getting out to train for the Cyclothon but I don’t care as I won’t be judged!   I am absolutely loving being a sports fan right now.  To everyone out there having a go and to everyone out there cheering them on, I say good luck…..and I wish just a bit of extra luck for Gareth Southgate and the boys this week.

And of course if you want to be there for the Semi-Final and or Final in Moscow, contact us for a bespoke package!