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I read a really interesting article recently in UK Business Insider about why cycling is taking over as the new networking activity of choice between young corporate executives.

We're seeing this trend continue as our registration to Cyclothon UK, the 12 hour endurance team relay road cycling challenge at Brands Hatch, increases at a similar pace to growing membership to British Cycling, more requests for cycling based events, and quite frankly the number of lycra-clad MAMILS we all observe on our daily commute.

It shows the pace of our daily lives is changing. Fewer people have the time to put in 4-5 hours on the course without getting a measured physical return. At Cyclothon UK, we enjoy the variety of interactions and activities that occur throughout the day – from sharing a memorable moment with a colleague, the thrill of beating your boss' lap time, bragging rights of accelerating past an International Rugby Legend, or just the pure exhilaration of cranking up a few kmph on the track where Mansell won a F1 Grand Prix.

Registration for Cyclothon UK is now open and you can register your team here or call 01225 788880 for further details.

The video from last year's Cyclothon UK event can be viewed on our event website here . We hope it'll inspire you to join our Rugby Legends on the track on September 10th, 2015 just one week before Rugby World Cup 2015 kicks off!

The Business Insider article can be viewed here and is certainly worth a read: