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VU Ltd are hosting several Rugby Legend dinners throughout RWC2015 – a chance to get up close and personal with Legends from many of the major represented nations, who've experienced Rugby World Cups since the very beginning. You know our style – fine food, splendid venues, great champagne, plentiful quality wine and a convivial atmosphere through the night to suit any rugby fan or those looking to entertain important clients and customers.

As the rugby continues, each weekend will offer a different outlook on the tournament so far and also what's to follow. But there's none i'm looking forward to as much as our very special night on Friday 16th October – eve of the Quarter Finals at the beautiful Corinthia Hotel, London.

You can just imagine…it's the eve of the RWC Quarter Finals, only 8 teams are left and surely the story of the week is going to be 'What Happened in Pool A?' Who rose above the biggest and most unpredictable challenge of all, and advanced from the Pool of Death?

On this very special night, we bring together representatives of the 3 most talked about teams of Rugby World Cup 2015. All the anxiety and battle of the Pools will have been settled as Rugby Legends Shane Williams (Wales), David Campese (Australia) and Rory Underwood (England) take the stage. All three teams were worthy contenders to advance to the Quarter Finals, but only two nations will succeed. Who will be joyful about the weekend's fixtures, and which team will have been left behind to wonder where it all went wrong?

Joining them, from a much more comfortable position will be RWC 1995 winning winger Chester Williams, who's Springboks will most likely be facing the runner up of Pool A at Twickenham the following day.

David, Shane and Rory all feature in the greatly respected Top Ten list of Highest International try scorers ever, so they know a thing or two about how big matches are won. No doubt Victor and the pack will argue 'it's all decided upfront!' so expect a lively and passionate debate and a night of expertly misguided rugby punditry!

Not to be overshadowed, our regular band of RWC Rugby brothers will join Victor Ubogu to give their insight on the tournament so far – Serge Betsen (France), Mark Ella (Australia), Joe Stanley (new Zealand), Craig Chalmers (Scotland), Scott Hastings (Scotland), Lee Mears (England) and Paul Wallace (Ireland) will be on hand for photographs and chatter.

If you're going to choose just one evening of RWC entertainment off the pitch, choose our Dinner with the Wingers for a night to remember!