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It's time to #nutnominate. The sole reason for this project is to raise awareness of testicular cancer, to educate young men so they can check themselves correctly and to give them the confidence to know when to take action. Every year around 2,300 men are affected by testicular cancer in the UK – that is more than 27 double decker buses full. Every day, 6 men are diagnosed and nearly 50% of those are aged under 35.

Victor is participating in #nutnominate and here's his reasons for getting involved:

“As someone who made a career out of handling odd shaped balls, I’m delighted to support #nutnominate.
At boarding school in England, or even in the dressing room at Twickenham, men’s health and testicular cancer wasn’t something you discussed with your team-mates. In my playing days, I think most men did keep concerns to themselves. However, as you reach a ripened age, I’ve sadly seen cases where early recognition could have prevented a premature loss of some great men, so I’m pleased that the campaign is pushing men to grow some balls and talk about it!!
With my sports travel and hospitality business VU Ltd, we run an annual Movember Fight Night in London and even though growing that moustache is all in fun, it’s a great ice-breaker. Anytime when men are more comfortable talking about concerns is a good thing! Now I’m watching my young son grow up, I’m so pleased to see he’s not shy to ask questions and will encourage him to stay open about anything he’s worried about – it’s a huge generational shift.
After retiring from international rugby, I started VU Ltd to offer fantastic experiences at sporting events worldwide. I’ve taken clients to the Football World Cup in Brazil, safari in South Africa and British & Irish Lions Tours to the greatest cities in the southern hemisphere. Bringing together supporters and rugby legends all over the world, we aim to create a special kind of atmosphere where memories are made and lifelong friends are found. We’re very proud to be an official sub-agent for Rugby World Cup 2015 and can’t wait to entertain our guests on my patch, in London, Twickenham and cities around the UK for more memorable moments next year.
In my office in Bath, I keep a stash of cashews on my desk for snacking and my staff will say ‘Vic’s got his hands around his nuts again!’ so I’m pleased to offer support to #nutnominate and put some of my substantial weight behind the campaign.

So my nomination is to YOU!!  All of you! Check your balls, or if you're a lady, tell your man to check his balls and twitter and facebook the message around the world. Together, we can help raise awareness and reduce the fatalities of this disease. ”  Victor Ubogu, VU LTD

Here's what to do:


1.    Click the “check your balls” link on this site:  and follow the instructions about how to check your testicles.


2.   Check your balls – the important bit!


3.   If they are ok, take a selfie showing the “OK” sign to say all is well with your balls. This can be at your desk or in the most bizarre fancy dress costume dangling under a waterfall, it's up to you.


4.   Post your selfie on our Facebook page, Twitter or both using the hashtag #nutnominate, with a link to our website and tag 5 male friends to check themselves and do the same. If you yourself are tagged then start the process again.

5.   We hope to reach as many people as possible and if we can help just one person catch this illness earlier than they would have before this campaign then we have succeeded 100%.

Most importantly, if you check yourself and are unsure about what you are feeling and think you could have a problem then don't hesitate, get to your GP immediately! Don't be shy and don't feel foolish. It's often a male kind of attitude that we don't really need to go to the doctor but in this instance it could very well save your life.