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So Victor always talks about “being there live” and last weekend I got it.
Last week, I was invited to come to Rome as part of the VU trip to watch the start of the Six Nations Championships 2018.  I was invited to sample the trip as a punter, I was to experience it “live”
It started with the people we met.  Many of us all flew out together and so the memories began.  Everyone with us were just a brilliant bunch – they were sociable, funny, considerate, generous and fun.  Naturally you can make this travel arrangements by oneself, but that would mean missing out on this special part of the trip: meeting these fabulous people.  For me it was my highlight No.1.
Highlight No. 2 was the first night.  After a very jolly drinks reception organised by Victor with a surprise visit from former Italy rugby player Marco Bortolami, some 15 of us headed off to have dinner together.  What a special night where we sampled the most unbelievably amazing food.
Travel does broaden the mind and feed the soul. Rome does this so well.  Every corner offers a view, something to marvel at and a chance to imagine a different time.  We made the most of our few days, as did everyone else.  Some visited the Vatican, others the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the walking tours, others opted to watch the other games in the hotel and we came together to share our day and experiences in the evening.
Sunday saw us come together again to watch the match.  On our way to the stadium we somehow got together with England coach and even enjoy a police escort for part of the way!  Lee Mears gave an hilarious running commentary all the way there.  It’s a brilliant stadium: the food, the beers, the atmosphere were all fantastic and combined with an England win – another marvellous highlight.
I was sad to have the weekend come to an end.  We all got on the bus slightly tired and still slightly drunk on all good things the past few days had given us.
“Being there Live” means creating memories.  Thank you Victor….. I totally get it now.