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VU RWC2019 Diary Day 12

04 Oct 2019, 4:17 AM by Victor Ubogu


Travel day today to Fukuoka for the France v USA game. Time at the ANA check in desk was unusually time consuming luckily Miko was there to help with language issues. We got bumped off rows of prebooked exit rows as we couldn’t speak Japanese. Sorting out which seats to relocate us to was very frustrating. I requested a window seat but was offered a window seat with no window! Chris Meredith was offered a seat but, wait for it, it doesn’t recline. When Michael was offered an aisle seat he asked “ Does that come with aisle?!” We broke up in uncontrollable fits of laughter! During our stay in Kyoto I had noticed the bar menu had Octopus balls on the menu and had thought it was actually the balls of Octopus so avoided it. However, at the airport cafe only Octopus balls was offered and I could see how they were been made right in fro t us realised it was simply Octopus rolled into a ball with some light batter etc.. the boys roared! Fukuoka is famous for ramen. The Nakasu yatai - rows of stalls offering ramen along the Nakasu canal is very popular and vibrant. We enjoyed a superb evening of ramen chicken and the owner Kyoko of Sanyu Yatai was a lively host. Well worth a visit if you are visiting Fukuoka. USA v France.. another upset? Wouldn’t that be great! We have a handful of spots left at our Eve of Semis dinner at Two Rooms Grill Bar where I’ll be joined by Lee Mears, Scott Hastings, Michael Brewer and Shane Williams. For info email sales@vultd.co.uk

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